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Leave a gift in your will

Leave a gift in your will

Leave a gift in your will


DVRCV has been providing support to women and children who have experienced family violence in Victoria for over 25 years. DVRCV provides training, publications, research and other resources to those experiencing (or who have experienced) family violence, and to practitioners and service organisations who work with family violence survivors. 

Domestic violence is prevalent in the Victorian community.

A woman is killed in Australia almost every week by a partner or ex-partner. (AIC, 2007/2008)

More than one in three Australian women (34%) who have had an intimate partner, have experienced violence from a partner or ex-partner. (Mouzos & Makkai, 2004)


Domestic violence has a significant impact on the health of the Victorian community.

Intimate partner violence is responsible for more ill-health and premature death in Victorian women under the age of 45 than of any other well-known risk factors, including high blood pressure, obesity and smoking. (VicHealth 2004)

One of the most significant ways you might consider helping is by leaving a bequest to DVRCV.

There are a number of types of bequests you may wish to consider:

Specific sum

Specific cash sums can be left to DVRCV.

Residual Bequest

A residual bequest enables you to provide for your family and friends first, with the residue left to DVRCV. Over the years this amount will alter with inflation but you will not need to remake your Will.

Life insurance, property, shares

It is possible to leave DVRCV property or shares or indeed to make DVRCV the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Contingency Bequest

You may want to ensure that your Will provides for family members or friends to benefit from your estate during their lifetime. By establishing a trust in your Will your property and income derived from your estate can be used by this person or persons during their lifetime. After their death, the capital and interest can then be passed on to DVRCV.

How to make a bequest

Firstly, you need to have an up-to-date, clearly written Will that complies with the necessary legal requirements. We therefore advise that you consult a solicitor.

When having a solicitor draw up your Will, consider the size and kind of bequest you would like to make.

In an existing Will a clause containing the following words can be used:

"I GIVE (put in the details of the bequest here) free from all debts (secured and unsecured) and all duties (whether federal or state) payable in respect of my estate to DVRCV (ABN: 31 202 397 579) of 52 Cardigan Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053 and I DECLARE that a receipt of the Secretary or Treasurer for the time being of the said DVRCV shall be a full and sufficient discharge of this bequest to my executor(s)."

It may help to use fairly general wording, to allow for changes that may happen over time, and to keep flexibility in the ways that work and assistance can be directed and delivered.  One could say, for example, that a gift is “to be used by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria in accordance with the policies of the Centre, to raise awareness of, and prevent family violence and abuse in relationships”.

However a benefactor could specify that they want their bequest used in a particular kind of work, or to benefit a particular group of people, and specify that it be used “to directly assist individual mothers and children escaping family violence”, in which case we would make sure that it was spent in that way. Or you could specify that it be used to develop accessible information about a particular form of family violence or for a particular group of people or age group affected by violence.

If you already have a Will you can add a codicil as a supplement. As with your Will, codicils must comply with the same legal requirements as the Will.

The information above is for your guidance only and should not be relied on as legal advice. Please contact and discuss matters relating to your Will and a bequest to DVRCV with your solicitor.

Please let us know

We understand that making your Will is a very personal matter. But if you have already included DVRCV in your Will, or are considering doing so, it is a great help if you let us know. We would like to thank you personally, and this provides the opportunity for you to discuss your wishes with us.

All bequest information passed on to DVRCV is held in the utmost confidence.

Contact Us

For more information on making a bequest or to advise us of your intentions, please contact or (03) 8346 5200.

Legal Status of DVRCV

The DVRCV is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as an income tax exempt charity and as a deductible gift recipient. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.