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Groupwork: Why does it keep happening to me?

Groupwork: Why does it keep happening to me?


This workshop will explore the importance of challenging assumptions when working to change the outlook for women who have experienced family violence. The session will offer theory and skills for practitioners interested in facilitating a support group utilising a ‘response-based practice’ approach. Kristen will share the experiences of women victim/survivors who participated in a support group she facilitated in order to assist this learning.

The workshop will incorporate an introduction to response-based practice including:

  • honouring women’s resistance to violence;
  • elucidating the deliberate nature of violence through women’s resistance;
  • considering the importance of social responses to disclosures of violence (personal and professional);
  • recognising the power of language;
  • disputing the blaming and pathologising of women who are/have been victims of men’s violence, and;
  • unpacking how the group work setting can and has successfully addressed each of these key components of the practice.

Kristen’s practice is based on ‘feminist social justice’ perspectives using a ‘response-based practice’ approach. It aims to create a political space and opportunity for women to express outrage at how they’ve been treated by individuals and broader societal structures, whilst bringing forward their everyday acts of resistance to violence. The practice focuses on the multiple ways women (and children) uphold their dignity and attempt to protect themselves and other family members from men’s violence.


Tuesday, 2 May 2017 - 9:30am to 4:30pm

Extra info: 

Course Code GW517


Melbourne, CBD


$145 SHS* funded workers

$365 non-SHS funded workers




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* SHS (formerly SAAP) stands for Specialist Homelessness Services. Most domestic violence and housing/homelessness services are funded under the SHS Program through the Department of Human Services. If you are unsure about your SHS status, please check with your organisations Finance Officer or Administration Coordinator.

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