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Our blog

Setting the Scene

What began as grassroots work, carried out by passionate individuals across the state, gained momentum over time and Victoria is now 18 months into rolling out a world-first

5 tips for engaging men on their use of family violence

Tips for engaging men on their use of family violence provides an overview of how to engage with men who are using abusive, controlling behaviour towards their partner.

Illustration of two workers and a woman with children communicating to put the missing piece into a jigsaw

How can Child Protection and family violence workers collaborate using different frameworks? We spoke to two workers about how they worked together on one family's case.

Women supporting each other

Belinda Bannerman continues our wellbeing conversation by interrogating some of the assumptions surrounding self-care and re-framing the entire concept.

Julie is a Wurundjeri woman who advocates for Aboriginal women’s rights through her work supporting Aboriginal women experiencing family violence

People collaborating at work

One of the key ingredients to successful change is the conversations we have, particularly when consulting with a multitude of experts

Rainbow LGBTQI flag painted on a person's arm

We spoke to staff from queerspace, a health and wellbeing service for LGBTQI+ people, and their families, about the experience of family violence in LGBTQI relationships.