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Vale Margot Scott

Vale Margot Scott

Margot Scott

It’s with great sadness that we mourn the loss of former DVRCV staff member Margot Scott.

Our PVAW Senior Trainer, Jan Earthstar, pays tribute to Margot’s incredible contribution to our organisation and to the family violence sector at large.

Margot joined DVRCV in its infancy and stayed on for over 20 years. She was our very first training coordinator and she stepped up into the role when we were still a collective, acknowledging that the organisation’s training was getting popular enough that someone needed to provide oversight and direction. Margot built the first DVRCV family violence training teams – a completely novel concept at the time and something that had never been done in Victoria before. She played a pivotal role in positioning DVRCV for the Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) contract, which we continue to hold today, and she was key in setting us up to become a registered training organisation. She delivered hundreds of training sessions for our organisation, personally up-skilling thousands of workers across Victoria.

Margot had the driest sense of humour – delivering a witty punch line with the calmest and most serious expression…then waiting ten seconds while watching your reaction to her stone-faced joke before cackling with delight at her own wit.

Margot was DVRCV’s original quiz master. The collective staff members would have lunch together each day while Margot would read aloud the daily quiz in both The Age and the Herald Sun. She would literally applaud us when she thought we’d done well on the quizzes that day and she would jovially berate us on days when the answers did not come as easily. These daily quizzes and banter around the lunchroom table are my fondest memories of the collective and of Margot.

We have all inherited the fruits of her hard, determined, and (at the time) highly innovative approach to building the skills of the family violence sector. She did the hard work of creating a family violence training unit from nothing, which has over the years morphed into what we know it to be today. I give thanks for this woman and for all she has contributed.

Rest in peace, Margot.