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Porn now pervades popular culture, and hardcore is mainstream. How is porn shaping how young people think about and experience sex?

A significant number of children at risk do not receive the support they need to recover from living with violence. Three ways this can change - with your vote.

In the lead-up to November’s state election, domestic violence services in Victoria are campaigning for a great investment in children's safety and wellbeing, a more sustainable workforce an

The spring edition of our Quarterly Newsletter focuses on young people and violence. Read about hardcore pornography and its impact on popular culture, young people as perpetrators and victi

A fortnightly summary of domestic violence in local, national and international news, popular culture and opinion.

In North America, a coordinated legal system and community response program called 'Step Up' plays a crucial role in addressing and preventing adolescent violence in the home. Jo Howard argu

A real story of abuse by Katerina's father, which resulted in an acquired brain injury. "I was always supposed to be a 'good Greek girl' and I am definitely not a good Greek girl."