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Our blog

Why a dandelion? Behind the scenes on the makeover of the DVRCV logo and website.

The issue of violence in families has been approached by advertising campaigns in many ways. What works and what doesn't? Some recent examples of innovative tv ads.

Sexist ads are still sexist ads, however 'nostalgic', 'retro' or 'ironic' they are.

How can violence against women with disabilities be the same as but also different from other cases of family violence? What two workers learned from attending our "Safe Against the Odds" tr

The 2005 law reform that introduced offence of defensive homicide is now being reviewed. Should it stay in Victorian criminal leglisation?

A new video with AFL team captains, present and former players, Victorian Police Commissioner, AFL CEO and a survivor of violence talking about abuse and violence against women in Australian

A new national project is building the capacity of workplaces to support employees affected by domestic violence.