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Our library

Our library


The Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria Library holds the most comprehensive collection of books, articles, videos and research on family violence in Victoria. Our collection includes books on domestic violencesexual violencechildhood sexual abuse and related topics.

To borrow our resources, you can search or browse our online catalogue of books and DVDs/videos, call us to make an appointment with the librarian, or see our reading lists below.

Reading Lists 

All books in our reading lists can be borrowed from the library. View our recommended reading by downloading our reading lists below:


The library is open to the public by appointment – call to make an appointment with the librarian on (03) 9486 9866 or email the librarian.

Visitors are welcome to borrow books, videos and self-help material.

Can’t visit?

If you are unable to travel to our library alternative arrangements can be organised to get material to you (Victoria only).

Latest books added to our library

Books on domestic violence

 Social Work and Domestic Violence: Developing Critical and Reflective Practice by Lesley Laing 
SAGE Publications Ltd (2013), Edition: 1, Paperback, 184 pages





Violence Against Women: Myths, Facts, Controversies by Walter S. DeKeseredy 
University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division (2011), Paperback, 192 pages





Books on sexual violence

Handbook on Sexual Violence by Jennifer M. Brown 
Routledge (2011), Paperback, 544 pages




Books on childhood sexual abuse


Understanding the Effects of Child Sexual Abuse: Feminist Revolutions in Theory, Research and Practice by Sam Warner 
T & F Books UK (2009), Edition: 1, Kindle Edition, 304 pages



Invisible Girls: The Truth about Sexual Abuse by Dr. Patti Feuereisen Ph.D. 
Seal Press (2009), Edition: Second Edition, Paperback, 336 pages





Books on recovery and self-help


Healing Through the Dark Emotions: The Wisdom of Grief, Fear, and Despair by Miriam Greenspan 
Shambhala (2004), Paperback, 336 pages




Mind-body Workbook for PTSD: A 10 Week Program for Healing After Trauma by Stanley Block 
New Harbinger Pubns (2010), Edition: 1, Paperback, 200 pages



Books on impact of violence on children


Parenting for a Peaceful World by Robin Grille  
Longueville Media (2005), Edition: 1st, Paperback, 428 pages





Growing Up with Domestic Violence, in the series Advances in Psychotherapy, Evidence Based Practice by Peter G. Jaffe 
Hogrefe Publishing (2011), Edition: 1, Paperback, 78 pages





Books on prevention


Let's Talk Relationships: Activities for Exploring Love, Sex, Friendship and Family With Young People by Vanessa Rogers 
Jessica Kingsley Pub (2010), Edition: 2, Paperback, 160 pages




Undoing Privilege: Unearned Advantage in a Divided World by Bob Pease 
Zed Books (2010), Paperback, 256 pages