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DVRCV training: promoting good practice

DVRCV training: promoting good practice

DVRCV training: promoting good practice

Our training aims to improve services to women and their children who experience family violence

DVRCV is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the major provider of family violence training in Victoria. We provide a range of programs on our training calendar, two of which are nationally accredited. DVRCV is contracted by the Victorian Government to deliver Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) training across Victoria.

Our courses

We deliver training courses for family violence workers and other professionals that help workers understand and deliver ‘best practice’- whether it’s in recognising family violence, risk assessment and management, supporting children and families, technology safety, or understanding how to navigate Victoria’s complex legal system.

CRAF training

DVRCV is funded by the Victorian Government to deliver Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) training across Victoria. We offer CRAF Risk Assessment Training (Practice Guide 2) for professionals who work with victims of family violence, but for whom responses to family violence are not their only core business, and CRAF Specialist Training (Practice Guide 3) for professionals whose primary role is working with women and children who are victims of family violence.

The Victorian Government is further developing a full suite of online eLearning modules which provide content and learning outcomes consistent with the CRAF statewide face-to-face training sessions.

Our forums

In addition to our training programs, DVRCV facilitates forums annually to inform service providers across Victoria about current issues in family violence research and practice. Our Forums provide a space for experts and practitioners to come together to discuss topics of interest to the family violence and related sectors. 

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