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Aboriginal Family Support Services

Aboriginal Family Support Services

Aboriginal Family Support Services influences change in policies and service delivery in all areas of capacity building within Aboriginal families and communities.

Their Stronger Families program, helps families where Families SA workers have concerns for the safety and wellbeing of children.

The goal of Stronger Families is to keep children safely at home and to strengthen their family to cope with the challenges they are facing.

Aboriginal Family Support Services aims for a strong cultural connection to family, community and culture. The protection of children comes before culture, however we believe that a child is not truly safe unless they are embedded within their culture.

Our goal is for families to end their involvement with Aboriginal Family Support Services feeling happier, stronger and connected in their community, and with their children safe in their care.

The program provides services across the Adelaide metropolitan area, in Ceduna, Port Lincoln, Port Augusta, Coober Pedy and the Riverland.


Adelaide (08) 8205 1500

Ceduna (08) 8625 3466

Coober Pedy (08) 8672 3066

Murray Bridge 0418 499 649

Port Augusta (08) 8641 0907

Port Lincoln (08) 8683 1909

Berri (08) 8582 3192


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