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Belinda Lo

Transition Board Member

Belinda Lo is the current CEO of the Federation of Community Legal Centres. She is seconded from the Eastern Community Legal Centre (where she is the Director-Legal Services and Principal Lawyer).

Belinda has been working in the community legal sector since 2001. Over this period, Belinda’s roles have included developing and building new CLCs, leading strategic advocacy, running public interest cases (in sex trafficking) and directing the leadership of legal practices in CLCs.  She is also a practising lawyer and has advocated for the rights of victim survivors of family violence and sexual assault in casework, law reform and systemic advocacy for the majority of her legal career.

Belinda commenced her legal career in family law litigation having worked at a number of boutique private law firms and as an Associate in the Family Court.

Belinda was a member of DVRCV's Board prior to the decision to merge with Domestic Violence Victoria and will continue to serve on the Transition Board overseeing this change during 2020-21.