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Michal Morris

Transition Board Member

Michal has been the CEO of inTouch since November 2017. She is a Council Member of the Harmony Alliance, is on the Advisory Group of The Australian Women Against Violence Alliance (AWAVA), and the governance group of the Western Integrated Family Violence Committee.

Michal has worked for over 20 years advocating for and supporting diverse communities across government and the third sector. She has developed innovation and service responses for multicultural communities since the late 1990s. Prior to her role at inTouch, Michal was General Manager of Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health for nine years. She has worked in community health, peak advocacy bodies, state government and at the national level at Primary Health Networks.

Michal has worked on issues as diverse as community capacity building, person-centred care, drug and alcohol, mental health, suicide prevention, language services, cultural competency and health literacy.

Michal holds a Master of Communication and a Bachelor of Arts.

Michal was a member of Domestic Violence Victoria's Board prior to the decision to merge with DVRCV and will continue to serve on the Transition Board overseeing this change during 2020-21.