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Sally Thompson

Transition Board Member

Sally is the Deputy Director, Sector Engagement and Capability Development at the Future Social Services Institute and is also a Member of the Victorian Board of Adult Community and Further Education.

Prior to taking up this position in May 2017, Sally was the Australia Education Union Federal Women’s Officer and has also been the Chief Executive Officer of Adult Learning Australia.  Sally has a long history of education and training in an adult learning context.

Sally has been involved in feminist organisations for many years, first starting as an undergraduate student who served as the Women’s Officer of the Student Union at Deakin University Rusden Campus. She has been actively involved with the Asia South Pacific Association of Basic Adult Education which pursues literacy and basic education programs in the region for women within a human rights and feminist framework.

Sally holds a Graduate Certificate in Educational Research, a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Business (E-Business and Communication) and a Bachelor of Education.

Sally was a member of DVRCV's Board prior to the decision to merge with Domestic Violence Victoria and will continue to serve on the Transition Board overseeing this change during 2020-21.