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Workplace giving

Workplace giving

Workplace giving

Support DVRCV by launching a workplace giving program in your office today

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What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving is a simple and effective way for employees to regularly donate to charities such as DVRCV through workplace payroll deductions.

Workplace Giving donations go further as they are tax deductible and, in many cases, company matched. Administration costs for charities are very low – it is widely seen as the lowest cost form of fundraising.

Employer benefits

  • Demonstrates commitment to supporting the community
  • Enhances corporate reputation
  • Builds employee morale and loyalty
  • Assists with employee attraction and retention
  • Cost effective method of giving
  • Builds stronger business and community partnerships
  • Simple, streamlined administration

Employee Benefits

  • Simple way to give as donations are made from gross salary each pay cycle
  • Tax benefit is provided when the donation is made
  • Can nominate the preferred charity
  • Effective giving option for time-poor employees
  • Donations can start, change or cease at any time
  • Feels good to support communities in need

Why donate to the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

  • DVRCV has a 30-year history of delivering quality programs to assist women experiencing family violence
  • DVRCV has a unique position of building capacity of the sector by providing evidence-based resources

Implementing workplace giving

  • Work to establish support from management and employees. Launch the program. Inform staff that DVRCV is an option in the company’s workplace giving program and what steps they need to take to join.
  • Remember to share updates with employees about the DVRCV, through distribution of our newsletter or features our work in internal company updates.
  • Programs supporting DVRCV can be set up through

Please contact our Finance Officer on 8346 5200 or at for any support or assistance.