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Central Highlands Integrated Family Violence Committee

Central Highlands Integrated Family Violence Committee

In Victoria’s Central Highlands, the Integrated Family Violence Services system is represented by the Central Highlands Integrated Family Violence Committee (CHIFVC).

CHIFVC is a cross-sectoral network of family violence and sexual assault support services agencies, statutory bodies (including Victoria Police), and other health, education and community service organisations relevant to the family violence system in the Central Highlands region.

CHIFVC aims to lead and advocate for a strong family violence system for the region, including by:

  • Facilitating the integration and coordination of local services and agencies
  • Identifying, prioritising and responding to issues and opportunities in the current system
  • Driving practice change and innovation, including through Community of Practice forums
  • Influencing positive change in attitudes inside and outside the system through raising awareness and understanding of the complexity of family violence within the community.

The CHIFVC is supported by a Principal Strategic Advisor (PSA) and a Project Support Officer.


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