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DVRCV Advocate: Autumn/Winter 2016

DVRCV Advocate: Autumn/Winter 2016

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For the latest discussion on hot topics and innovative developments in the family violence field, read the Autumn/Winter 2016 DVRCV Advocate – out now!


We asked five family violence and legal organisations to respond to the Royal Commission into Family Violence final report and discuss the implications for their work.

A recent study of intimate partner homicides identifies a pattern of co-existing risk factors - Mandy McKenzie, Dr Debbie Kirkwood, Dr Danielle Tyson & Associate Professor Bronwyn Naylor

The National Children’s Commissioner outlines the key findings, recommendations and policy implications following an investigation into the impact of family violence on children - Megan Mitchell

Women who work in the sex industry are a unique and high-risk group, but they do not always feel welcome at family violence services - Ada Conroy

An innovative program at Sunshine Magistrates’ Court has supported over 100 women with children to obtain their intervention orders - Penny Underwood

Understanding one of the fastestgrowing criminal offences is important for agencies that are committed to improving victim safety and holding perpetrators to account - Sina Oum & Amy Schwebel

The potential of new and emerging technologies in the area of violence against women was the subject of a recent public panel discussion —Melbourne research alliance to end violence against women and their children (MAEVe)

A new guide aims to equip practitioners in the violence against women sector to progress media coverage of the issue - Vanessa Born

A world-first framework for the primary prevention of violence against women aims to bring about the cultural and structural change necessary to forever change the story of violence against women - Dr Emma Partridge

Outgoing DVRCV board members Kelsey Hegarty and Deb Davison reflect on the past and the future for DVRCV - Mandy McKenzie