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Family Life

Family Life

Family Life is a specialist family services provider working with vulnerable children, families and communities since 1970. At the core of our organisation is our vision to build capable communities, strong families and thriving children.

Our services take a whole of family approach; when a person comes to us for help, we offer to work with their whole family, so changes and improvements can be more effective.

Family Life provide services for: 

  • Babies and children
  • Teenagers
  • Parents
  • Individuals
  • Family Violence
  • Relationships
  • Training and development
  • School and Community Programs
  • Separation
  • Mental Health

03 8599 5433


Sandringham Service Centre: 197 Bluff Road, Sandringham, Victoria, Australia 3191 | Frankston Service Centre: Level 1, 60-64 Wells Street, Frankston, Victoria Australia 3199

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