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For women with disabilities

For women with disabilities

For women with disabilities

Getting safe against the odds

‘When I was married he liked to control everything … I felt I was a prisoner in my own home’ (Isobel).

Are you a woman with a disability who is worried about how you are being treated at home?

If so, you are not alone. This guide is based on the real experiences of women with disabilities. These women told their stories in the hope it would help others to deal with abuse.

This guide helps you to identify the warning signs of abuse by a partner, a family member, a carer, or someone else. It tells you about abuse or domestic or family violencehow it can affect you and what you can do if someone is hurting you. You can find advice from other women with disabilities, and read about their experiences of surviving abuse. Service providers can also get advice on how to support women with disabilities.

The main text of guide is also available in other languages as web text or downloadable PDF:

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Stories and advice

  • ‘Through sheer determination and willpower I’m where I am today, gradually reclaiming my life’ from Anj’s story.
  • Other stories
  • Advice from women with disabilities.