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Immigrant Women's Health Service

Immigrant Women's Health Service

Immigrant Women's Health Service provides programs and activities to promote the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of women.

We provide a range of services at our Fairfield and Cabramatte centres to cater for women from a range of backgrounds.

Women's health

A free health clinic is provided at out Cabramatta service by a qualified women's health nurse along with an acupuncture/acupressure service. Services are confidential and an interpreter can be arranged upon request. All women are welcome. 

Legal services

Women's Legal Services NSW provides free and confidential legal advice fortnightly at our Fairfield location. The service is available to women of all nationalities and backgrounds and an interpreter can be provides where necessary. 

Counselling and referral

We are able to provide women with individual counselling and referral services in partnership with the Transcultural Mental Health Centre. We also provide group counselling and support. 

Groups and classes

Our groups are developed for women from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and language groups by professionals and volunteers who believe in the importance of helping immigrant women reach their fullest potential. We offer English classes, cultural groups, parenting and employment groups, recreational activities and senior's groups and groups for counselling and mental health support.



Fairfield: (02) 9726 4044

Cabramatta: (02) 9726 1016


Fairfield: 92 Smart St, Fairfield NSW 2165; Cabramatta: McBurney Rd, Cabramatta NSW 2166

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