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Kara House

Kara House

Kara House is part of the Victorian women’s refuge service system which aims to provide highly secure, safe accommodation to support women and children who are experiencing domestic or family violence and are in need of relocation in order to ensure their safety.

Kara House operates within a feminist and multicultural perspective to provide support and empowerment of women and children to live safely and without fear, and free of domestic/family violence.  Kara House operates with a particular focus upon supporting those from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds using the principles of social equality, human rights and social justice.

Kara House accepts state-wide refuge referrals through Safe Steps or directly to Kara House by support services. Kara House also responds to direct contact from women and referral from other services to provide outreach support to women in, or suffering the effects of abusive relationships. Support workers can provide court support, advice, information, advocacy and emotional support in the woman’s home, the Kara House office, a safe public place or via telephone.


1800 900 520


P.O Box 308 Burwood Victoria 3125

Inner Eastern Melbourne
Type of service: 
Outreach services
Women's refuge services