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Technology-facilitated stalking and abuse is the use of technology (such as the internet, social media, mobile phones, computers, and surveillance devices) to stalk and perpetrate abuse on a person. 

Such behaviour includes:

  • making numerous and unwanted calls to a person’s mobile phone
  • sending threatening and/or abusive messages (texting messaging, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook messaging, Twitter)
  • hacking into a person’s email or social media account to discover information about them
  • hacking into a person’s email or social media account to impersonate them and send abusive messages to family/friends of that person
  • using surveillance devices to spy on a person
  • sharing, or threatening to share, intimate pictures of a person

There are three primary areas of law relevant to people experiencing technology-facilitated stalking and abuse:

  • Protection Orders
  • Surveillance and Recordings
  • Relevant Criminal Offences

For more information, please click on the relevant State or Territory.


PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-ACT-Criminal-Offences.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-ACT-Surveillance.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-ACT-AVO.pdf

New South Wales

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-NSW-Surveillance.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-NSW-Criminal-Offences.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-NSW-AVO.pdf

Northern Territory

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-NT-Criminal-Offences.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-NT-Surveillance.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-NT-AVO.pdf


PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-QLD-Criminal-Offences.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-QLD-Surveillance.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-QLD-AVO.pdf

South Australia

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-SA-Criminal-Offences.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-SA-Surveillance.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-SA-AVO.pdf


PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-TAS-Criminal-Offences.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-TAS-Surveillance.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-TAS-AVO.pdf


PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-VIC-Criminal-Offences.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-VIC-Surveillance.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-VIC-AVO.pdf

Western Australia

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-WA-Criminal-Offences.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-WA-Surveillance.pdf

PDF icon ReCharge-Legal-Guide-WA-AVO.pdf