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'Just Say Goodbye' - Dr Elspeth McInnes' address

'Just Say Goodbye' - Dr Elspeth McInnes' address

Our tenth podcast episode is taken from Dr Elspeth McInnes' address to our recent forum on filicide, 'Just Say Goodbye'. Dr McInnes is a sociologist and senior lecturer in the School of Education at the University of South Australia. Her research focuses on parental separation and family violence issues. Her teaching has focussed on the building of skills of undergraduate early childhood workers in responding supportively to children and families in adverse circumstances. Dr McInnes travelled from Adelaide to talk to us about the implications of Debbie’s research for women and children in the family law system. Her presentation is called 'Domestic Violence, Child Protection and Family Law, Worlds Apart'.

Podcast ten: 'Just Say Goodbye'
Dr Elspeth McInnes' address
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