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DVRCV forum: 'Just Say Goodbye'

DVRCV forum: 'Just Say Goodbye'

Registrations are now open for our upcoming forum, based on DVRCV's latest discussion paper, 'Just Say Goodbye: Parents who kill their children in the context of separation'. The forum will be held on Thursday May 31 in Melbourne. This forum offers an opportunity to hear from the author and other speakers who will explore the implications for children’s safety in the context of separation. Speakers include University of Melbourne's Professor Cathy Humphreys, University of South Australia’s Dr Elspeth McInnes, Danny Blay, executive director of No To Violence, and Dr Debbie Kirkwood, DVRCV research officer and author of the discussion paper. Dr Kirkwood explains the background to the discussion paper and forum:

DVRCV's research was undertaken in response to a number of recent high profile cases of fathers who killed their children in Victoria. The picture presented in the media about these cases is often that the deaths are inexplicable. We set out to find some explanations for these filicides in order to develop a better understanding of why they occur which is essential for determining ways to prevent further deaths. The discussion paper outlines national data and international studies on filicide. It highlights the significance of separation and family violence in filicides and gender differences in perpetrators circumstances and motives. The paper describes case examples of fathers and mothers who perpetrate intentional filicides in the context of separation. The forum will provide an overview of the material in the discussion paper and will explore the implications for practitioners working with parents who have separated from their partner or who are facing pending separation. Participants will gain an understanding of filicide in the context of parental separation. They will be able to consider warning signs and the implications for working with families.

For more information and to register, download this form and fax back to our office. Places are limited so make sure you register early.

About DVRCV forums

In addition to our training programs, DVRCV facilitates at least two forums each year to inform service providers across Victoria about current issues in family violence research and practice. Our forums provide a space for experts and practitioners to come together to discuss topics of interest to the family violence and related sectors. For more detailed information, please visit our Forums page. For further details, please contact: Lorraine Yeomans Training Coordinator Ph. 9486 9866

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