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Family violence funding boost sets Victoria on the path to reform

Family violence funding boost sets Victoria on the path to reform

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The Domestic Violence Resource Centre (DVRCV) welcomes the announcement of $572 million over two years to deliver 65 of the most pressing recommendations from the Family Violence Royal Commission, including the $21.8 million investment to support the expansion of violence prevention education in schools and kindergartens.

DVRCV’s Partners in Prevention network has resourced over 750 community agencies to support best practice respectful relationships education in Victoria. We are encouraged to see dedicated funding to enhance partnerships with local specialist community agencies which will ultimately lead to long-term school culture change to address the underlying drivers of violence against women. 

We are pleased to see the government taking swift action to start addressing the Royal Commission’s recommendations and applaud the Premier’s commitment to involving the family sector in co-design and a coordinated, whole-of-government approach. It is particularly encouraging to see that this initial announcement of urgently-needed funds is balanced with a long-term strategy for reform through the development of the 10-year Victorian Family Violence Plan.

“The leadership shown by the Andrews government ushers in a new era for the family violence sector. To hear a Premier talk about this initial injection of $572 million as a ‘down payment’ shows a level of support for women and children experiencing family violence that is unprecedented in this state,” said Emily Maguire, CEO of DVRCV. 

As Victoria’s only specialist family violence Registered Training Organisation, we are also pleased to see an initial $10.4 million to build the capacity of the family violence workforce.

“The more Victorians begin to recognise the impact of family violence on those around them, the higher the number of training requests we receive. Last year DVRCV delivered training to almost 3000 Victorians and we anticipate demand for our training to grow exponentially in the coming year,” said Emily Maguire.

“While the diverse range of training offered by DVRCV is hugely successful in building a skilled workforce it’s important that this initial investment of $10.4 million supports consistent and coordinated training across Victoria, delivered in line with the 10-year industry plan recommended by the Royal Commission.”  

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