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Fortnightly media wrap-up

Fortnightly media wrap-up

Our fortnightly summary of domestic violence in local, national and international news, popular culture and opinion.

The royal wedding, the modern marriage

27 April 2011, ABC The Drum Online

Of course, not every relationship is violent: not every man a perpetrator, not every woman a victim. But in some sense, surely, we’re all victims of a culture where domestic violence is the leading health risk for women.

Domestic violence: A leading global killer

22 April 2011, News Junkie Post

Violence against women is  globally recognized as a violation of human rights. It should be identified and discussed  as a threat the security of all women which compromises their fundamental rights to life and freedom from fear and want.

Mel Gibson says he was 'betrayed'

22 April 2011, Salon

Fortunately for Gibson, in a world where Charlie Sheen can do a sold-out tour and Chris Brown can have a No. 1 album, audiences can be very forgiving toward a man who will wallop a woman, call her a whore and then insist he's been betrayed.

Stalking is not harmless, says victim's mother

TRICIA BERNAL has been trying to raise awareness that stalking is not a harmless crime ever since her daughter was shot dead.

Awards for anti-crime and violence programs

Twelve Victorian projects have won state and national awards for their efforts to make Victoria safer at the Australian Violence and Crime Prevention Awards. Minister for Crime Prevention Andrew McIntosh today congratulated the winners for their work to reduce family violence, anti-social behaviour, re-offending to protect children and vulnerable youth.

Young women at greatest risk of domestic violence

13 April 2011, Children & Young People Now

Young women aged between 16 and 19 are at the highest risk of sexual assault, stalking and domestic abuse, the director of public prosecutions has said, creating the "risk of a whole new generation of domestic violence".

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