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Fortnightly media wrap-up

Fortnightly media wrap-up

Our fortnightly summary of domestic violence in local, national and international news, popular culture and opinion.

Courts nationwide hold hearings with video

9 May 2011, The Age  
In Oregon's Multnomah County, which includes Portland, court officials have set up a closed-link system at a domestic violence shelter where women can apply for a protective order from their abusers without having to risk leaving the safe house.

Neoliberal welfare and gender inequality

To treat mothers as mere drains on society is a massive injustice, in many ways, and to make teen mums try to balance the demands of caring for children with education and work, a balance that much older women with a thousand and one more resources (including the newly-introduced mat leave!) often struggle to maintain, is just an astonishing injustice.

Life imitates art as killer actress Roxanne Williams jailed

6 May 2011, The Australian

On the day the feature film she appears in opened nationally, Roxanne Williams was sentenced to three years' jail for killing her partner, who had inflicted years of horrific abuse.

High Court backs assault evidence

6 May 2011, The Age

Prosecuters in a domestic violence case were right to lead evidence of a man's past assaults on his former girlfriend which she never reported to police, the High Court has ruled, in a case which clarifies rules of evidence.

Profile: Shakira Hussein

4 May 2011, Sydney Morning Herald

Muslim women who are suffering domestic violence [are] in a difficult position if they seek help outside their community because, Hussein says, they don't want to be seen as providing ammunition to the other side.

Prostitution as violence against women

2 May, On Line Opinion

It is quite natural then to wonder what leads average, ordinary, decent, and hard-working men to such monstrous acts as killing 17 women. My argument here is that these killings can be understood as aspects of the prostitution of women, and as not simply incidental to its practices.

Putting abuse behind them: why financial security gives women power

27 April 2011, The Conversation

There are many barriers to ending an abusive relationship, and financial worries are often a major consideration.


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