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Fortnightly media wrap up

Fortnightly media wrap up

Our fortnightly summary of domestic violence in local, national and international news, popular culture and opinion. In this fortnight's wrap up, we again see a focus on news articles and analysis sparked by a tragic incidence of filicide. Dr Debbie Kirkwood’s DVRCV Discussion Paper on “Taking the children: the killing of children by parents after separation”, coming out in August 2011, will be examining this issue in depth.

One in four murders down to domestic violence

23 May 2011, The Age

One quarter of Queensland murders can be attributed to domestic violence, the state government says, creating the need for a specialist State Death Review Unit.

Puberty blues: the trials of young girls growing up faster than ever

22 May 2011, The Age 
More girls aged 10 and 11 are losing their childhoods to early puberty, prompting calls from sexual health experts and parents for schools to do more to meet their physical and emotional needs.

New investigative unit will reopen cases after coroner fears hidden domestic violence death toll

22 May 2011, Courier Mail

Just days after last week's brutal triple murder-suicide on the Gold Coast, a newly established death-review unit will investigate every fatality over the past five years where there has been a suggestion of abuse or violence.

All women want is a fair wage

21 May 2011, Herald Sun

THEY are educated, experienced and hard-working. But despite the fact Australia legislated the right to equal pay for women more than 40 years ago, female employees are still paid less than men.

Obsessive love lost: why some fathers kill

18 May 2011, The Age

Custody issues are not the main reason estranged fathers kill their children.

They kill to punish their wives for leaving them.

Why some fathers kill, the tragic murder suicide that's reignited the debate over domestic violence [video]

18 May 2011, ABC 7:30 Report

Here is a story about the murder suicide tragedy that sparked discussion all around the nation about domestic violence.

Slutwalk may damage women's rights cause, professor says

13 May 2011, The Age

The slutwalk phenomenon does more harm to women than good, warns international anti-porn campaigner Gail Dines.

Kids are silent victims of violence at home

9 May 2011, The West Australian

Growing up in the climate of fear that violence in the home creates is harmful in every way imaginable to a child, both emotionally and physically. Short term effects include anxiety, destructive behaviour, self blame, nightmares, bedwetting, being bullied or becoming a bully, stuttering and misuse of drugs and alcohol.

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