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Hate that ad?

Hate that ad?

Advertising’s Code of Ethics is being reviewed in Australia.Hate that ad? Make a submission to Australia's advertising code of ethics. And we're making it easy to have your say. Have your say through our website on any ads you object to — around violence, or the depiction of women and girls, for example. Or tell them how it ought to be. We'll forward all responses to the Australian Association of National Advertisers. Responses are due 5pm Friday 10 September. The deadline is now extended until 5pm Thursday 30 September, 2010.

What we think advertisers can do

We’re calling on advertisers to commit to depicting women and girls in positive and respectful ways. Why?

  • Sexualised images stereotype women and often convey strong messages about gender relations and a belief in male dominance, messages that are known to promote male violence against women
  • Many current images of women and girls in ads confirm stereotypes, cause offence, and promote a negative body image

About the Code of Ethics

Advertisers say they want their Code of Ethics to “meet community requirements and expectations” and uphold “world’s best practice standards.” They want their ads to be “legal, decent, honest and truthful.” The Code is voluntary and applies to all kinds of advertising - print, radio web, viral videos, and social networks like Facebook. AANA has released a Code of Ethics Review – Discussion Paper.

What happens to your submission?

An independent person will review all submissions and make recommendations to the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) Board. Read more at that ad? Make a submission to Australia's advertising code of ethics.