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From the Library: Responding to Domestic Violence

From the Library: Responding to Domestic Violence

About the book:

This latest edition of Responding to Domestic Violence by Eve S. Buzawa, Carl G. Buzawa, and Evan Stark explores the response to domestic violence by the criminal justice system, social service and health care agencies. After providing a brief theoretical overview of the causes of domestic violence and its prevalence in our society and its causes, the authors cover key topics such as:

  • barriers to intervention
  • variations in arrest practices
  • the role of state and federal legislation, and
  • case prosecution.

Focusing on both victims and offenders, the book includes unique chapters on models for judicial intervention, domestic violence and health, and children and domestic violence. Responding to Domestic Violence is intended for undergraduate and graduate students majoring in criminal justice, criminology, sociology or social work. It is a comprehensive text addressing all aspects of domestic violence, including historical context, criminal justice response, public and non-profit services for victims, health care interventions and more. Student Study Site 'Responding to Domestic Violence' also comes with an online study site which students can visit to enhance their experience of this resource.