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Taking a tailored approach to training

Taking a tailored approach to training

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The Courts play a key role in Victoria’s response to family violence. From court registrars to case managers, many Court staff support victim survivors and hold perpetrators to account.

Equipping these professionals with the skills to effectively respond to family violence makes a marked difference to a victim survivor’s journey through the justice system, towards safety and recovery.

The Family Violence Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework aims to guide strengthened and more coordinated responses to family violence in Victoria. Tess La Fontaine from the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria supports the implementation of the MARAM Framework across the Courts.

Last year, Tess asked DVRCV to deliver a tailored version of our MARAM Comprehensive training to over 200 Magistrates’ Court staff across the state.

DVRCV’s specialist expertise in family violence capability building and the MARAM framework in particular, combined with the Magistrates’ Court’s unique understanding of their workforce meant we could tailor the training more effectively.

“Looking back, at first we weren't quite sure how we were going to work the tailoring in,” admits Tess. “But DVRCV was just fantastic in supporting us through that. They were really open to working with us to refine content and do things a little differently.”

Traditionally delivered to professionals from a mix of organisations, this was the first time DVRCV tailored MARAM training for a particular setting, and there were many benefits in taking this approach.

“I think it really enabled our staff to see their roles reflected and represented in the training content,” Tess said.

“We were able to embed case studies and scenarios into the training based on the operations of a range of different Court staff and in a way that really spoke to the differences in their work.”

And the result?

“Our staff have reported that they're feeling more confident to do assessments and they understand more of what's required of them in their roles in terms of family violence risk assessment and risk management, which is really positive,” Tess shared.

DVRCV can deliver tailored in-house training to organisations large and small. To find out more or enquire, visit the DVRCV Training website.