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Our blog

5 tips for engaging men on their use of family violence

Tips for engaging men on their use of family violence provides an overview of how to engage with men who are using abusive, controlling behaviour towards their partner.

Family violence professionals working together

We talked with Cheryl at the Centre for Non-Violence to hear how one organisation spent the last ten years integrating women’s and men’s services under the one roof.

Young woman looking out to the horizon

We examine the first action plan to implement Free from Violence, particularly the need for statewide mechanisms to ensure the work is sustainable, coordinated and strategic

Illustration of two workers and a woman with children communicating to put the missing piece into a jigsaw

How can Child Protection and family violence workers collaborate using different frameworks? We spoke to two workers about how they worked together on one family's case.

Two Maori women discuss work

How do we build a workforce when we are still yet to have a shared understanding of what skills that workforce will need?

Women supporting each other

Belinda Bannerman continues our wellbeing conversation by interrogating some of the assumptions surrounding self-care and re-framing the entire concept.

Julie is a Wurundjeri woman who advocates for Aboriginal women’s rights through her work supporting Aboriginal women experiencing family violence