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Our blog

When we talk about family violence, we need to use words like ‘human rights’ and recognise that being safe at home is a human right.

Working towards ending gender-based violence is no small task, and there are many obstacles to be faced on a daily basis.

One of the strongest actions against gender violence you can take is to donate to a domestic violence service.

In order to be serious about eradicating gender violence, it's vital that we have the necessary skills, resources, information and support networks to be able to work effectively and ethical

While violence against women affects us all, it is an issue which disproportionately touches the lives of women with disabilities.

If you are a journalist you could write or produce a piece that promotes understanding of violence against women. You could even win an award for your work!

It’s Day 10 of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence! Today we wanted to pay tribute to an incredible singer, humanitarian and activist - the one and only Annie Lennox.