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Our blog

In an Australian first, Victorian Police used Facebook to serve an accused stalker with an Intervention Order. What is stalking? What should you do?

How does Stieg Larsson's bestselling first novel deal with violence against women? Is it feminist? Read what workers here think.

A real story from someone who has experienced an abusive relationship. "Relationships shouldn’t be that hard… Stop the cycle, create your own."

A fortnightly summary of domestic violence in local, national and international news, popular culture and opinion.

In the second in our series on cult TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we look at how Buffy and her friends deal with controlling and violent relationships.

How finding support online helped one woman understand an abusive relationship and help others.

How is 'sexting' being talked about by organisations, government, schools, and by adults to young people directly? An article excerpt by Dr Anastasia Powell.