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In North America, a coordinated legal system and community response program called 'Step Up' plays a crucial role in addressing and preventing adolescent violence in the home. Jo Howard argu

A real story of abuse by Katerina's father, which resulted in an acquired brain injury. "I was always supposed to be a 'good Greek girl' and I am definitely not a good Greek girl."

A fortnightly summary of domestic violence in local, national and international news, popular culture and opinion.

A rally, march and party from 6pm. Meet at the State Library steps.

How do music videos inform and shape our attitudes about femininity, masculinity, sexuality and race?

A Safety Notice is a new option being trialled by police to deal more effectively with family violence out of hours. An evaluation report says they're working.

In an Australian first, Victorian Police used Facebook to serve an accused stalker with an Intervention Order. What is stalking? What should you do?