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On 18 September, Loophole Community Space in Thornbury, Melbourne, hosted a day of 9 workshops on the theme of consent, healthy relationships and violence.

A world-first 20 day workplace leave deal - Homelessness and domestic violence link acknowledged in new state plan - The impact of good and poor parenting - Feminism is not over

A look at the first of three episodes that explore domestic violence, "Ted", where Buffy's mother starts dating a man who wins everyone over... except Buffy.

Why a dandelion? Behind the scenes on the makeover of the DVRCV logo and website.

The issue of violence in families has been approached by advertising campaigns in many ways. What works and what doesn't? Some recent examples of innovative tv ads.

Sexist ads are still sexist ads, however 'nostalgic', 'retro' or 'ironic' they are.

How can violence against women with disabilities be the same as but also different from other cases of family violence? What two workers learned from attending our "Safe Against the Odds" tr