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Women experiencing family violence have the opportunity to take control of their story with a free smartphone app called Arc.

Pannelists on stage at a conference

Eight suggestions for enabling effective primary prevention work in large institutions such as universities from our Director of PVAW Krista Seddon..

ABCDEquality poster

Drawing from an inspirational group of students, this resource supports young people to promote equality and respect

Illustration of three women diverse in age and ethnicity.

Tips to make violence prevention more meaningful for migrant communities

Woman with long dark hair sipping from a cup of tea

Being a specialist family violence practitioner is tough. Our wellbeing needs to be prioritised because of the ongoing exposure to distressing stories and the high responsibility we hold.

Close-up of the hands of a baby and new parents

We spoke to Scott Holmes about his experience facilitating the primary prevention program Baby Makes 3

Two new parents sitting with their baby; the mother looking on as the father cradles the baby.

Baby Makes 3 is a primary prevention program that aims to prevent violence against women by promoting equal and respectful relationships between new parents.