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Information from the 'Are you safe at home?' website.

This glossary provides definitions for phrases, acronyms and terms used in primary prevention work.

Key terms in respectful relationships education

This 24 page booklet provides definitions to help people working in respectful relationships education to understand and distinguish between some of the key terms used.

Cover of Support Groups booklet

Find family violence and sexual abuse support groups in Victoria (by region).

This 32 page booklet includes comprehensive information on keeping safe if you’re separating, how the law can help, technology safety advice and safety planning.

Cover of Referral options booklet

Our Referral Options booklet has been developed as a resource for workers in the domestic and family violence sector. It includes contact details and information on services in family violence and related sectors around Victoria.

Have you ever felt like this? "I used to think my family was so different to everyone else's. All my friends' families seemed so nice. But being around my family just stressed me out. Lots of times. I just didn't want to go home"...

A 16 page full colour booklet for teenagers living with abuse in their families (including domestic violence, neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse).

Is someone you know being abused in a relationship?  A guide for families, friends and neighbours.

A guide for families, friends and neighbours. This booklet comes in different languages

Booklet cover: Relationships, the good the bad and the ugly

A 32 page full colour booklet for young people age 14 – 20 about love, dating, sex and when love hurts.

Sex Love and other stuff poster next to a stack of self help relationship books.

Respectful relationships for young men