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Books & reports

Books & reports

Books & reports

This 2004 paper is designed to inform the work currently being undertaken in Victorian in the development of an integrated response to domestic violence.

This paper brings together contributors from all over Australia to analyse and discuss the connections between domestic violence and homelessness.

This paper highlights opportunities for the Victorian government to pursue a broader vision of a response to family violence, specifically one that acknowledges the critical role that support groups play in responding to family violence.

Discrimination, a lack of access to financial and other resources to enable independence, and a lack of accessible services makes escaping abuse or violence extremely difficult for women with disabilities.

This book is about how lives can be turned upside down when one person in a family uses violence against other family members.

With a focus on the work of Victoria’s 30 Family Violence Prevention Networks, 101 Ways was produced to document a diversity of community-based prevention activities around Victoria.

DVRCV’s website Bursting the Bubble is an effective site for teenagers experiencing family violence, according to a recent external evaluation. The reports from the evaluation also contain some general recommendations

The guide provides an insight into the experiences of women with disabilities, and practical tips for individual workers and agencies. Women with disabilities share their ideas on what workers can do to best assist their clients to become safe.