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Advocate archive

Advocate archive

Advocate archive

Family Violence Protection Act 2008. Family Violence Protection Act Forum. Leadership and women with disabilities. Project Respect: Working with women in the sex industry.

Adolescent violence to parents. Multiple victims: Domestic Violence and animal abuse. Be alert and alarmed: Health care vs crime detection. BuBs on Board: Family violence and mother/infant work in women’s shelters.

Incest: from taboo to insult. Victorian Family Violence Justice Reform. What's the deal with prevention? The feminist politics of anti-depressants. Domestic Violence in lesbian relationships.

Domestic Violence coverage uncovered. Northern Crisis Advocacy Response Service (CARS). Healing with creative expression.

DVRCV turns twenty-one. Blaming and reclaiming culture. Sole Occupancy Orders. Domestic Violence and pets.

The mediation of disputes involving violence against women. Separating safety from situational violence. Sexual ethics, young people and sexual assault prevention.

Beyond Domestic Violence: Mongolian and Australian women's journeys of survival. The integrated Family Violence service system: An insider's view of the experience so far in the Northern Region.