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Advocate archive

Advocate archive

Advocate archive

Recovery from violence - the role of long-term support. Researching Domestic Violence in refugee families. The benefits of legal representation in mediation and in the Family Court.

Violence against women and men in Australia. Real rape: help for women sexually assaulted by partners. Family Law Dispute Resolution: the implications for victims of violence.

Animal-assisted therapy for children affected by family violence and homelessness. Reflections: Twenty-five years in child protection. Reconceptualising Domestic Violence: A history of the Howard Government's approach.

Now, be reasonable: A report from DVIRC’s Annual Family Law Forum. Family Law changes: Privatising Family Violence. Family Dispute Resolution: Opportunities, risks and challenges in the new system.

The Peek-A-Boo Club: Group work for infants and mothers affected by family violence. Preventing Child Sexual Abuse through a public health approach: What is Australia doing?

Unplanned or unwanted pregnancy and Domestic Violence. The crime of Domestic Violence: reflections from prison. The crime of Domestic Violence: reflections from prison.

Preventing violence against women with disabilities. When violence is the issue: A report from DVIRC’s Diversity Forum.