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Advocate archive

Advocate archive

Advocate archive

Elder abuse. Into the archives: Child Sexual Abuse, Van Diemen's Land, 1838. Barriers to safety: Changes to Family Law.

Family violence and mediation. he future of National Clearinghouses of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. The status of Indigenous women and Indigenous feminism in Australia.

Reforming defences to homicide: Towards gender equity. Screening: a cautionary tale. Real trouble in the home - the Domestic Violence reality for women with disabilities.

Transmitting Family Violence? A theory in need of a reality check. Family Violence and animals. In the playground: an account of bullying amongst young women at school.

Burnout and vicarious traumatisation: What are refuge workers facing? Capturing the Friedmans: Capturing the truth? The space in-between: Bringing together feminist and psychological theories on child sexual abuse. Making service information accessible.

Family Violence as a workplace issue. Nurturing Strength: a creative arts program. A response to Don Watson's book Death Sentence.

A case against new home detention laws. Reforming defences to homicide for women who kill: A critical analysis of law reform options.