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Advocate archive

Advocate archive

Advocate archive

A rural Family Violence forum in Edenhope. The financial costs of Domestic Violence for affluent women. Batterer as parent: Addressing the impact of family dynamics.

Disenfranchised grief as an obstacle to recovery from abuse. Rethinking our knowledge about child sexual abuse. Staying home after Family Violence.

A critical Postmodern examination of gender and power in schools. Organising a successful Family Violence forum.

When home doesn't feel like home: Disability and family violence. Violence against women with disabilities. Support groups, online bulletin boards and chat groups.

Family Violence and homelessness: removing the perpetrator from the home. Relationship breakdown and the division of property: implications for de facto relationships.

The relationship between Domestic Violence and animal abuse. Balancing the act: Family Violence, Intervention Orders and Victorian Magistrates Courts.

Police responses to Domestic Violence. The relationship between Domestic Violence and animal abuse.