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Advocate archive

Advocate archive

Advocate archive

Men as victims of domestic violence. Solution-focused approaches: how are they useful in working with Domestic Violence?

The representation of domestic violence in the media. Research into the impact of the Victorian Crimes (Family Violence) Act.

Children abused in contact arrangements: Some implications for practitioners. Women's experiences of the legal system: Domestic Violence, relationship expectations and legal intervention.

Out of the Fire: Domestic Violence & Homelessness. A publication of collected articles, produced jointly with the Council to Homeless Persons, and the NSW Women's Refuge Resource Service.

Domestic Violence, relationship expectations and legal intervention: factors that influence the decisions women make.

Understanding and working with young male survivors of sexual assault. The Australian Domestic & Family Violence Clearinghouse.

The Myth of male violence? The Cycle of Violence Revisited: working with recurrence and change.