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Quarterly #1 1999

Quarterly #1 1999

Quarterly #1 1999

Current responses to children and young people affected by Domestic Violence: Beyond dichotomies

By Kathryn Rendell. Reflects upon the assumptions behind the theoretical underpinnings of both 'child-centred' and feminist' practices.

Parents in partnerships: Developing services for mothers who have a mental illness and their children

By Rose Cuff, Helen Mildren and Liz Short. An innovative project that provides an integrated way of working to assist mothers who have a mental illness and their children.

Questioning that 'cycle of violence'

By Pam Loughnan. Questions the usefulness of the 'cycle of violence' as a way of explaining various phases which the violence is said to pass through.

Book Review

By Suzie Costello.A review of Mirrors, Windows and Doors a self-help book for men about violence and abuse in the home.

The Family Violence Pilot Project: Victoria Police

A look at the pilot project which uses the 'complaint and warrant' process to arrest and bail perpetrators of family violence. This newsletter is no longer available for purchase. 

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