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Quarterly #1 2010

Quarterly #1 2010

Quarterly #1 2010

A safe place for women with disabilities

By Mandy McKenzie, DVRCV. Maroondah Halfway House (MHH) has recently opened a specialised accommodation unit to provide refuge for clients with disabilities. The service’s manager explains why the unit was set up, how it was designed, and the ways in which it supports women and children with disabilities.

Counselling Christian Women

By Dr Lynne M. Baker. The concept of spiritual abuse and an ‘ABC’ approach for counsellors to use when assisting Christian women.

The CRAF train(ing)

By Libby Eltringham, DVRCV.  For the past 18 months, DVRCV has been involved in rolling out one of the most comprehensive family violence training programs ever delivered either here in Victoria or nationally in Australia. The training program is based on the Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework (often referred to as the Common Risk Assessment Framework, or ‘CRAF’). What DVRCV has learnt through delivering the training?

Heather Osland still seeking justice

By Debbie Kirkwood, DVRCV. Heather Osland’s continuing struggle to access crucial information relating to the Victorian Government’s rejection of her Petition of Mercy.

Best practice is a state of mind

By Kiri Bear, DVRCV. Kiri is DVRCV’s Partners in Prevention (PIP) project worker. PIP is a capacity-building project for professionals interested in working with young people for the primary prevention of gender-based violence. A reflection on some of the benefits and limitations of defining best practice guidelines for prevention work.

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