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Quarterly #4 1999

Quarterly #4 1999

Quarterly #4 1999

Claims about husband battering

By Michael Flood.

Providing a helping hand

By Susan Moss. A personal experience of helping a friend who was living with a violent partner.

Understanding cultures when working with victims of Family Violence

By Silvia Weisz, DVRCV

The 'Cycle of Violence': continuing the debate

By Ron Schweitzer.

In fear of deportation and Domestic Violence

By Janet Hall, DVRCV.

Catching a dream and letting pigs fly: schools respond to domestic violence

By Ines Zuchowski. No. 3 1999

Reformulating self-defence

By Helen Brown. Violence against women and reforming the law of self-defence.

In response to questioning that 'Cycle of Violence'

A debate about the usefulness of the 'cycle of violence' as a conceptual framework in understanding Domestic Violence.

Spiritual dimensions of change: a wide angle view on dealing with the long term effects of violence

By Frances Guerin. A community artist looks at the evaluation of 'Silent Witnesses' workshops and exhibition for women survivors of incest and violence.

Court network

By Annie Marsh. Information, support and referral to people who come into contact with the justice system.

Trial by Legal Aid

By Billi Clarke and Helen Matthews. An examination of the impact of funding cuts to Legal Aid on domestic violence cases.

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