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Quarterly #4 2000

Quarterly #4 2000

Quarterly #4 2000

Domestic Violence, relationship expectations and legal intervention: Factors that influence the decisions women make

By Maria Vucko

Working with nen who use violence: Accountability to women?

By Pauline Woodbridge, North Queensland Domestic Violence Resource Service

The Family Law Reform Act 1995: Living up to expectations?

By Janet Hall, DVRCV

Children's Support Workers in the Women's Refuge Program

By Ellie Rickards, DVRCV

Violence Prevention for Young Women

By Mandy McKenzie, DVRCV

Family Violence in South Korea: The Challenges of Prevention

By Wendy Weeks, University of Melbourne

Working with Women Experiencing Mental Health Issues in Refuges: Documenting the Themes

By Tamara Incoll, DVRCV

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