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Quarterly #4 2003

Quarterly #4 2003

Quarterly #4 2003

Reforming defences to homicide for women who kill: A critical analysis of law reform options

By Debbie Kirkwood, Federation of Community Legal Centres

Turning more homes into prisons: A case against new home detention laws

By Amanda George, Brimbank Community Legal Centre

The 'truth' about Child Sexual Abuse: The importance of listening to children

By Chris Goddard, The Child Abuse and Family Research Unit, Monash University

Silence breeds violence: 'Bursting the bubble' on Family Violence

By Deborah Light. Download

'Bursting the Bubble' and empowering young people

By Jessamy Babbel. Download

The way of the world

By Robbie

A journey of recovery from childhood physical and emotional abuse

By Tim White

Domestic Violence Services Victoria: A report on VWRADVS's AGM and new identity

By Ellie Delafield

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