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Spring/Summer 2012 Quarterly - Strengthening the Shark Cage

Spring/Summer 2012 Quarterly - Strengthening the Shark Cage

Spring/Summer 2012 Quarterly - Strengthening the Shark Cage

DVRCV Advocate Spring/Summer 2012

The Spring/Summer edition of DVRCV Quarterly is out now. Here’s a snapshot of our feature articles in this special double edition:

Strengthening the Shark Cage: a model to address re-victimisation

Research shows that women who have experienced abuse in their early years are more likely to be re-victimised in later life. Melbourne-based psychologist Ursula Benstead has developed the 'Shark Cage' framework as a tool for counsellors to help explain and address re-victimisation. In an interview with DVRCV Quarterly, Ursula Benstead discusses how the model helps women understand their experiences and rebuild a sense of their rights.

If those around us are committed to helping us grow up with a sense of our human rights, then we build a strong shark cage.

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Empowerment or compliance?

A new support tool called The Empowerment Star is being used by some family violence services to provide a measure of a woman's 'progress' in achieving safety. However well-intentioned, this 'outcomes tool' ignores perpetrator accountability, writes Karen Webb, and undermines the feminist framework that informs our work with survivors.

Are [we] here to tell women how life 'should' be if only they would make the right choices?

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Also in this edition:

  • Anti-feminist men's groups in Australia: An interview with Michael Flood
  • New technology, new issues
  • SmartSafe reveals disturbing trends
  • Sowing the seeds of change: disabilities
  • Love no longer pulls the trigger: media reporting of violence against women
  • Interagency collaboration: good in theory, but...
  • Learning an Aboriginal model of service
  • Court works: advocating for intervention order applicants
  • Primary prevention: mapping respect


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