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Winter 2012 Quarterly - recognising the risks

Winter 2012 Quarterly - recognising the risks

Winter 2012 Quarterly - recognising the risks

Here’s a snapshot of our feature articles from the Winter 2012 edition of DVRCV Quarterly:

Recognising the risks: how the legal system can prevent filicide

Filicides can be prevented, but only if there is significant cultural change in our service and legal systems. This message came across loud and clear at DVRCV's May forum on parents who kill their children. Speakers at the 'Just Say Goodbye' forum included Dr Debbie Kirkwood, Professor Cathy Humphreys, Danny Blay, from No To Violence, and Dr Elspeth McInnes, a senior lecturer at the University of South Australia.

The courts [now] have greater obligations to prioritise children's safety over the benefit of a meaningful relationship with both parents.

Heeding the warning signs: recognising family violence as a risk for filicide

On average, 27 children each year in Australia are killed by their parents, according to the National Homicide Monitoring Program. In a number of these cases, the killing of children is linked to violence against women. DVRCV's Dr Debbie Kirkwood has written a discussion paper on the topic. At DVRCV's forum 'Just Say Goodbye', held in Melbourne on 31 May 2012, she discussed strategies to prevent these deaths. Subscribe today to read this and more articles from our latest Quarterly. You can have a look at selected features from past editions here.

Also in this edition:

  • Keeping children safe: challenges in post-separation parenting
  • In practice: managing grief
  • Under fire: violence in the aftermath of Black Saturday
  • More than refuge: a snapshot of the work of WDVCS
  • Taking care of business: an interview with Elizabeth Broderick, Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner


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