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Know Your A-Z – Preventing Violence Against Women

Know Your A-Z – Preventing Violence Against Women

Know Your A-Z – Preventing Violence Against Women

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We all have a role to play in stopping violence against women.

The Know your A-Z resources offer 26 ways everybody can help challenge harmful stereotypes, promote respect and prevent violence.

You can download the free Know your A-Z poster and cards then print or share them online.

Here are some ideas on how you can use the A-Z resources.

In your workplace, school or club

Put it up in your tea room, on the fridge, on the staff notice board, on the back of toilet doors, or office partition.

Share it with your colleagues in the newsletter or in internal communications (download newsletter blurb and image). Encourage staff to take action, do research or submit ideas around the different actions.

Create an internal or external campaign

Pick a month and make it Prevention of Violence Against Women month:

  • Send out one A-Z image per day/week via email, newsletter, Twitter or intranet
  • Use these prompts to start a conversation at lunch or add them to meeting agendas.
  • Discuss what your organisation is doing to prevent violence against women
  • Let clients, contacts and suppliers know what you are doing to take action and invite them to join you.

Man sitting at desk

Woman opening newsletter


With friends and family

Download the A-Z resource images for Facebook and Twitter. Share it with friends and invite them to join you in taking action to prevent violence against women.

Download the Know your A-Z poster and put it up in the kitchen or stick it to the back of the toilet door to start conversations with friends and family about preventing violence against women.

Have a conversation at home, choose a letter for the week and check in about how you’ve taken action. 

Kitchen with poster on fridge

People on social media

Use the A-Z cards in training

Do you run training or facilitate groups? The A-Z individual cards make an excellent icebreaker or activity resource. With the A-Z cards you could:

  • Pass out one A-Z card to each participant. Ask them to think about the action relating to the card and consider what important message it refers to. As participants walk around the room, ask them to introduce themselves to a partner and spend 2 minutes reflecting on their card. 
  • Place the cards on the ground. Ask participants to have a look at all the cards and choose one that resonates with them. Then share with the group why they chose that card and what they need to do to achieve the aim of the card.
  • Use the cards as an introduction tool. Mix up the order of cards and leave one card on each seat before training commences. Ask participants to consider why their card is important. Then ask participants to introduce themselves one at a time (starting with whoever has the ‘A’ card). Ask them to state their name, where they are from and read out their card, offering a reflection on why the card is important.
  • Put up the A-Z A3 poster after you have finished your training or presentation.

People discussing the individual letter cards

People attending training


Please send any feedback on these resources to [email protected]